Beltane 2013

Spent the night driving around delivering papers at the Country Club while blasting Celtic music. The thinning veil was heady and I couldn’t stop giggling. Came home and cleaned half my room, including taking down all my Christmas cards. Oops! Hope to finish cleaning in the next day or two as well as digging up a barn owl skull I have buried in the yard. I guess I’m a wee bit behind on my spring cleaning but the weather feels more like February most days rather than May. That’s my excuse! I also want to go hiking but I have almost nothing that fits. Which is a good thing since everything is to big, but I’ll need to make the time to go shopping at Target. It has been on my to-do list for months but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I started my period on the 30th. I think starting on a fertility festival is likely a sign I need to stay single for a while yet. I’ve been separated from my husband and living with my mom for the last year. It has been very challenging. But I keep going, just trying to get by day by day.