Don’t Let There Be Blood

It started as I was some other woman who was married with a baby. She was actually schizophrenic or something, as she was hearing voices that were telling her that her family was dead. So she started running out of the bedroom she was in, down the hallway, into the dining room, to the bathroom that was next to the back sliding door. As she was running I could hear a loud, echoing clock ticking at a slowed pace. She/me expected to find the husband and baby in the dining room in front of the bathroom door next to the buffet. But they were not there, only a closed bathroom door.

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The TV was different

I had this dream fragment. The kind of dream where you wake up in your bed, in your own bedroom only to wake up again because the first time you woke up it was really just a dream.

Yeah. It was like that. I woke up in my bedroom at my mom’s house. I sat up on my side and looked at the entertainment center and shelving unit and could not for the life of me figure out what was different. I knew something was off but couldn’t place what it was.

Then I woke up for real. I sat up on my side and looked at the entertainment center and shelving unit and realized that in the dream I had the small gray bedroom TV on the shelves and some kind of altar on the entertainment center. (I think there was a Buddha statue.)

And all I could think was, “That was weird.”


I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend, my first love, the other night.  I was in a bedroom/motel room and he was there.  We were a couple and he was going out of the room to do something.  I became semi-lucid when he went to leave and grabbed his arm and begged him not to go.  I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately and nuzzled his neck.  He chuckled, not understanding my desperate protest, then walked out of the room.

I them turned around and someone else was there and the dream consumed me again.  It was weird.  I can’t get the dream out of my mind.  I keep seeing him, seeing his face.  He was happy in the dream.  I worry I am invading his actual dreams.  Sometimes I wish I could at will.

Spirit Cat

I had this dream sometime early last week.

My boyfriend and I were visiting my mom at her house.  I went into the garage to use the microwave (Yes, that is where she keeps it.), and her cat Monkey came into the garage from outside through the cat door.  I reached down and petted her head absent-mindedly.  Her fur was soft and silky; she looked exactly as she would have looked and felt exactly as she would have felt.  This is when I suddenly realized that the cat had passed away a month ago, and that it was her spirit that I was looking at.  She went back outside and I followed her as far as I could, in shock at seeing her.  I came back inside and told my mom and boyfriend what had happened, then I woke up.