The one that didn’t get away

I have a lot of weird-ass dreams.  Some are downright frustrating.  I leave one room and try to re-enter, but of course it has disappeared and I can’t find it.  Or I am lost in a hotel, or in town, or on a campus somewhere.  I’ve had a couple of wallet stealing dreams where my purse or wallet has been stolen and gone for good.

But last night’s dream was… different.

It was winter and I was walking to some Inn in a small European town.  I was with some girl, and when we got to the Inn we were each given a small plastic bag that each contained a knit cap, gloves, and a scarf.  We sat down and visited with the other guests then we all went outside for some reason.  The girl I was with was trying to hit on some guy so I wandered off on my own and after some time ended up in a small town square.

I was window shopping and for some reason walked away from my purse.  When I turned back towards it I was just in time to see some guy walk up and grab my wallet and start to walk off.  Well I yelled, ran at him, caught him, got him on the ground and started beating him with my wallet.  Everyone just watched and didn’t stop me or anything.

I woke up soon after and immediately thought, “Well that was different.”

To Wait

I know what I have to do, so why don’t I do them.  I can glimpse my future in my mind’s eye but if I focus on it, it drifts away.  I can FEEL what I need to do.  I can even taste it.  But I seem to be incapable of movement.  The first step, the decision of direction, is so elusive to me.  So much so that I just sit.  I don’t know what else I can do but wait.

In fact that is the message I so often come across in my life.  Wait and see.

I have no idea what it is I am waiting for.  Perhaps some bus that comes at the devil’s hour?