I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend, my first love, the other night.  I was in a bedroom/motel room and he was there.  We were a couple and he was going out of the room to do something.  I became semi-lucid when he went to leave and grabbed his arm and begged him not to go.  I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately and nuzzled his neck.  He chuckled, not understanding my desperate protest, then walked out of the room.

I them turned around and someone else was there and the dream consumed me again.  It was weird.  I can’t get the dream out of my mind.  I keep seeing him, seeing his face.  He was happy in the dream.  I worry I am invading his actual dreams.  Sometimes I wish I could at will.

The one that didn’t get away

I have a lot of weird-ass dreams.  Some are downright frustrating.  I leave one room and try to re-enter, but of course it has disappeared and I can’t find it.  Or I am lost in a hotel, or in town, or on a campus somewhere.  I’ve had a couple of wallet stealing dreams where my purse or wallet has been stolen and gone for good.

But last night’s dream was… different.

It was winter and I was walking to some Inn in a small European town.  I was with some girl, and when we got to the Inn we were each given a small plastic bag that each contained a knit cap, gloves, and a scarf.  We sat down and visited with the other guests then we all went outside for some reason.  The girl I was with was trying to hit on some guy so I wandered off on my own and after some time ended up in a small town square.

I was window shopping and for some reason walked away from my purse.  When I turned back towards it I was just in time to see some guy walk up and grab my wallet and start to walk off.  Well I yelled, ran at him, caught him, got him on the ground and started beating him with my wallet.  Everyone just watched and didn’t stop me or anything.

I woke up soon after and immediately thought, “Well that was different.”

Picking the Bones

It was a Friday night in June, under a moonless night when my older brother got into a very bad accident. I was almost nine years old (seven weeks before my birthday), when my mom scooped me up in the middle of the night and dropped me off at my grandmother’s house so that she could go to the hospital. I have discussed this memory with my mom as I was sure that I must have had the flu as I had obviously been hallucinating, but she assured me that this was the only night I could be remembering and that I did not have a fever. What happened to me that night was purely spontaneous and not caused by any illness, and while stress was a factor (although she had not yet told me about my brother) my reaction was still very curious if my hallucinations were brought on merely from stress alone.

I remember arriving at my grandmother’s house in my pajamas in the middle of the night and being put to bed in the living room in a Murphy Bed. A couple of the family portraits in the living room started talking to me. It was very scary, and I tried to ignore them but they would not shut up. Suddenly my mother and brother were on a seesaw on the coffee table, and they joined in the conversation. Ignoring them didn’t work and I couldn’t sleep out of fear. Despite this, I got out of bed and slowly started walking towards my grandmother’s bedroom. I am not sure which was worse, the ghost conversations in the living room or the prolonged, twin-sighted journey through the hallway. Normal vision and normal reality over-lapped with trance vision so that I saw both a dirt path and the hallway at the same time. They occupied the same space.

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Spirit Cat

I had this dream sometime early last week.

My boyfriend and I were visiting my mom at her house.  I went into the garage to use the microwave (Yes, that is where she keeps it.), and her cat Monkey came into the garage from outside through the cat door.  I reached down and petted her head absent-mindedly.  Her fur was soft and silky; she looked exactly as she would have looked and felt exactly as she would have felt.  This is when I suddenly realized that the cat had passed away a month ago, and that it was her spirit that I was looking at.  She went back outside and I followed her as far as I could, in shock at seeing her.  I came back inside and told my mom and boyfriend what had happened, then I woke up.

The Surrealness of Moths

I had a very strange dream Tuesday night.  I don’t remember it completely, just bits and pieces, but enough to wonder at.  Here they are in no particular order.

  • I was lying in bed, in my old bedroom at my mother’s house.  My bf was there too and was asleep.  I’m not exactly sure what time it was except to know it wasn’t dark.  As I was laying there I noticed what I thought was a moth, but it was four pieces of the moth (each wing) and each piece had a spider web attached to it.  These pieces were scattered on the bed near my head (I think.), and I picked each piece up and was slightly saddened by the situation.  When I was holding all four pieces I tossed them behind me towards the window.  As I did this, an intense sense of calm sprung up.  Similar to the feeling you get when centered and performing magic, a surge of energy I guess.  As the pieces went flying through the air they came together, the webs disappeared, and the moth became whole and flew off.  I was awed by the situation, and upon waking, remembered that I did this twice in the dream.  The picking up of pieces of something (I don’t think it was a moth both times.) tossing them in the air and the pieces becoming whole again.
  • I was walking through a house, I think it was supposed to be my moms but it was laid out differently.  I went to the back door which was open and looked out though the screen which was closed.  It was the dark side of dusk, the sky had a pink shadowed hue, and the air smelled like pot.  However, it wasn’t as though people were smoking it somewhere, it was what the atmosphere smelled like.  It was also kind of hazy; everything had an extremely surreal look and feel.  I heard light tapping noises on the screen, but my eyes hadn’t yet focused.  As my eyes adjusted more and more to the darkness I could see into the yard, and what I saw were hundreds of moths flying about.  There were also about a half-dozen on the screen door.  This was kind of eerie, I wasn’t scared but I was spooked.  I could also sense a presence in the yard.  The presence was so intense and vivid that I could see in my mind the presence.  It had the appearance of a handsome vampire figure; longish dark hair, sultry eyes, pale skin, and I think he was wearing a black suit as well.  The presence wasn’t evil feeling at all, but intensified the eeriness of the situation.

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