Phone Thief

Anita and I were standing in the parking lot of Foster’s Freeze on Marsh street when this younger girl approaches us and asks if she could use one of our phones. Anita agrees and hands her the phone. The girl backs away slowly and then turns and runs across the street into the parking lot of another building. Anita was disappointed, but I handed her my purse and whatever else I was carrying and said watch this. I started to try to run but my feet felt like they were stuck in thick mud. Each step was so difficult. In my head I was thinking about how I shouldn’t run because I would hurt my calves again, but at the same time I knew that wasn’t applicable.

I finally after a few steps started running. I ran across the street and into the parking lot she had run into but I had not sighted her. The girl, stupidly, started calling out taunts to me. I ran off towards the left weaving around tall concrete buildings and ended up at Cal Poly. I couldn’t see her anywhere but then I hear her voice over Poly’s radio. I could see the stations office across the quad and walked right inside. She was standing there confused. She didn’t seem to know what to do. I grabbed her and started searching her and asking her where the phone was. The people around her seemed confused but at the same time they didn’t seem surprised.

I ended up finding three phones, including Anita’s phone, and walked off without pressing charges. I was out in the quad when I saw people I went to high school with. Sara Cano walked up to me and told me I should have left the girl alone and how I wasn’t being proper or something. I just kind of laughed at her and kept walking. Sara followed me and she must of called me a slut or something because I said, “Well at least I know what a guy wants. A guy wants blow jobs every day.” And she got a bit embarrassed but that just egged me on. The track team was running by just then and I called out to them, “Do you want blow jobs everyday?” The guys started laughing and calling back to me “Yes.” I then replied while laughing, “That wasn’t an offer.” Then I walked back across Marsh street and gave Anita her phone back.