Demon Dreams

It was one of those incredibly vivid dreams when you think you are awake.

I had been asleep (in the dream) and woke up to use the bathroom. I came back into my bedroom and laid down on the bed. I was feeling a bit aroused and started to run my hands over myself. But when I tried to stop I couldn’t. I couldn’t control my body. I wasn’t possessed, but something was in the room with me and it was trying to fuck me. It was a demon. I never saw it, but it was there touching me. I thought of something Ms. Graveyard Dirt said about fucking spirits on Tumblr, that it is the “weirdest sensation ever.” It was like that. Erotic and frightening at the same time.

I managed to get free and off the bed, faced the bed and tried to banish it. I thought I had, so I laid back down. Big mistake. I didn’t banish it, just pissed it off. Without hurting me, or bashing me into any walls or furniture, it picked me up and swung me around repeatedly like a rag doll. Then it put me back down. I would try to banish it again, only to have it repeat the process. This went on for a little while. I was strangely not scared when it had control of me, but when I was confronting it I was completely afraid.

The dream shifted and I was in this huge house for a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. I didn’t know any of the people there and I am not sure if I was a guest or if I was working. The demon was there too however. It was leaving me alone but would possess the guests. At one point I went into the bathroom and there was this large glass jar with oil in it with a sprig of some evergreen in it. (Possibly juniper or rosemary?) I somehow knew I could use this to protect myself and the others from the demon. I placed some of it and the back of my neck and went to do the same to the others. I anointed a few others but the demon kept shifting who it was possessing.

It landed in this Asian woman and was hiding somewhere in the house. I was trying to find the woman but the house started to become maze-like. I was walking through the dining room into a sitting room to walk down the hallway to where the bedrooms were, when I caught my reflection in this long skinny mirror. I stopped because I realized I was dreaming. I don’t know why but I was on a mission at this point to find this demon! I knew I could fly directly to the woman without getting lost, which is what I did and started sprinkling the oil on the woman to get the demon out of her. (The power of Christ compels you!)

I must have succeeded because I was back at my house, and no longer lucid. I was sitting on the floor in my living room writing in a journal about the demon. (The journal was styled more like the one on Supernatural as opposed to the one on Charmed for those in the know.) There was a whole page with a drawing of the demon complete with its name. Unfortunately, my mom was behind me and started reading this out loud. I told her not to do this because words sometimes have power.

It is almost like the dream makes more sense if you reverse the order of the three situations.

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