Eclipse & New Moon

APTOPIX Ring Of Fire Eclipse

Hikers watch an annular eclipse from Papago Park in Phoenix on Sunday. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Michael Chow)

Since I was able to watch the eclipse from here, I made a perfect little pinhole camera out of an old Christmas topper box to view it with. Throughout the viewing time I would go out front and see how it was progressing. It was fun cause the old man across the street had his telescope out in his front yard to view the eclipse with. Nice to know I’m not the only geek on the block!

During the eclipse I decided to make use of the twilight energies and went about with some workings. Although I was born and raised in this house, I am new to the neighborhood at this point. The energy of the place has changed dramatically, so I took the time to reintroduce myself to the genius loci. I live at the base of a 569 foot hill which is a part of a chain of ancient volcanic mountains, so I climbed the short hill and went to the spot I was called to go to. I sat and meditated and conversed with the spirit I found there and presented it with an offering.

I had already gone through my bag of charms and other witchy bits and bobs from my old home. Everything I am to keep has been cleansed and put into place. Everything else has been dismantled by hand and put back into the bag to be burned. The one item left to deal with was my handfasting cord. I set to work using it as a prop for an etheric cord cutting rite. So while I was physically cutting the cord to bits the psychic cords were being cut as well.


After that, and mid-eclipse, I took a purification shower using castile soap combined with a couple pinches of sea salt, 3 drops of rosemary oil, 3 drops of pine needle oil, 3 drops of camphor oil, 1 drop of lavender oil, 1 drop of lemongrass oil, 1 drop of citronella oil, 1 drop of palmarosa oil, and rain water to fill the container I put it all in.

The eclipse passed into twilight here, so it went from eerie eclipse lighting directly into twilight. So it was basically an extra long twilight. Later, when the time was right I started my new moon ritual. I haven’t cast a circle since I’ve been home (not that I do so often) but circle casting is the base of what I call “The Temple.” It is a ritual I have done at almost every place I have lived that creates a semi-permeable shield over the area encompassed.

How I create it is by casting a circle in the most elaborate way I know how to, meaning I go through all the motions, greeting all the directions and spirits, then cleansing with water, salt, incense, and fire. I next state my purpose and set my intentions on to 5 amethyst pyramids I have always used for this purpose. These are placed strategically, in this instance I placed them at the four corners of my bedroom and the extra one by the door which places one at each side of the door. I state what I want the shield to do, how it gets recharged, and tell it that it is permanent until I close it.

I continued on from there energizing all the other wards and charms I have and got them up and running. Which included re-creating my triple bag charm for protection, prosperity, and health. I had gathered all the materials over the last 2 weeks and I placed them all in the appropriate bag and anointed them each with the appropriate oil.


The last bit I did on this new moon was made an offering of thanks to the barn owl which has been beckoning me. So I greeted it formally and thanked it for it aid.

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