Cosmic Void

Welcome to the cosmic void, a place of universal emptiness. It is the primordial void of space and time before the universe began and it is the ancient cauldron-womb of soul and spirit before the perceived separation. It is the still point of Being that is neither a beginning nor an ending, but is both at once. It is our woven red thread of Old Fate; the All that is, that was, and that will be. The quintessential spiral of life that is both physical and spiritual and it exists in a journey of perfect dynamic balance.

The cosmic void.  A place of universal emptiness.  Why did I give my website this name?  Honestly I don’t know.

I started using it back in the early part of 2000.  I was trying to think of a name for a little freebie website I had for my  homepage, that contained news, bookmarks, and other info I used daily online.  This was back before places like Google or Yahoo offered customized homepages.  Then name literally just popped into my head, and I liked it.  I had created other websites with different names, but this was different, it felt right.  Little did I know then what it would turn into in terms of my website and in terms of my path in life.

At first I really didn’t give much thought to the name or the layered meaning it has, and it wasn’t until late 2002 that I did.  That was when I started blogging and decided that I needed a tagline.  I’m sure I tried to think of one related to my spirituality but came up empty.  I finally decided to look up the definitions of cosmic and void.  I knew what the words meant of course, but I was hoping for some inspiration.  That is how my tagline came to be.  Again, little did I realize the full extent of its meaning.  See, I just thought I was being clever.  I considered it an oxymoron, when in fact it is more of a paradox.  Everything and nothing.  What better description could there be for a blog that was about just that?

Of course my spiritual path developed the more I researched it, and as it did I learned many things including what a cosmic void is.  It has meaning in both spirituality as well as in astronomy and physics.  And my spiritual path gradually started encompassing both of those meanings as I started to believe they were one and the same.  The primordial void of space before the universe began, the primordial void of spirit before the perceived separation.

A still point of being, that is neither a beginning nor an ending, but is both.  The All that is, that was, and that will be.  The ultimate circle and spiral of life both physically and spiritually that is in perfect balance.  The cosmic void.

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