Spirit Cat

I had this dream sometime early last week.

My boyfriend and I were visiting my mom at her house.  I went into the garage to use the microwave (Yes, that is where she keeps it.), and her cat Monkey came into the garage from outside through the cat door.  I reached down and petted her head absent-mindedly.  Her fur was soft and silky; she looked exactly as she would have looked and felt exactly as she would have felt.  This is when I suddenly realized that the cat had passed away a month ago, and that it was her spirit that I was looking at.  She went back outside and I followed her as far as I could, in shock at seeing her.  I came back inside and told my mom and boyfriend what had happened, then I woke up.

What Is Your D&D Alignment?

What Is Your D&D Alignment?

You are True Neutral.True Neutral characters generally come in two varieties. The more common are those who are simply undecided. Not dedicated to the weal of the world or personal gain, not swayed by the rigid outlines of order or dedicated to the free reign of independence, they act as the mood moves them or as circumstance demands. Most true neutral characters prefer good to evil, but simply aren’t bothered to promote it. Some true neutral characters, however, are truly dedicated to the balance of forces in the universe. They may see good, evil, law and chaos as dangerous extremes. Some true neutral characters find themselves in odd alliances, compelled to side with the loser in any given fight. For these characters, no single path must dominate others. Animals are generally neutral. Many ordinary villagers will be, as well.
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