This is Monkey. She is my mother’s cat. When I was in high school, my mom brought home this tiny, squishy muffin that would sit in the palm of your hand. She was abandoned, and was living under an abandoned refrigerator. I fell in love, and my mother had to keep her. I was the reason my mom kept her, although Monkey was my mom’s cat. In fact, her name isn’t even Monkey, it’s Sadie. But one day when she was a kitten she was jumping around on her hind legs and she looked exactly like a monkey. The nickname stuck.

This black fuzz-ball lived in my bedroom when she wasn’t outside. She would hang out with me, sleep with me, even kicked my cat (her older sister) out of my room to be with me. If I meditated she would sit in my lap, if I was working a ritual or spell she would sit and gaze at the altar. If any animal was my familiar, it was her. If she wasn’t in my room, she was begging to go outside. However, my mom was adamant about the animals staying in at night.

When I moved out of my mom’s home for the second time three years ago, I was heartsick that I couldn’t take this cat with me. But she wasn’t mine, and I was already sneaking my cat into the place I was moving into. In hindsight it would never have worked as my bf and my cat basically lived in an 12 by 12 room. My cat could not leave the room for the first year we were there, but she was old and an indoor cat. Monkey would never have stood for it though.

After I moved, Monkey’s behavior changed. She became more open to my mom. I would often hear, “Monkey did this, or Monkey is doing that. And she’s NEVER done that before.” To which I would have to reply, “She use to do that all the time with me.” Then she started peeing in the house. I think she just got entirely fed up, and not having a warm cozy room all to herself at night, rebelled. So Monkey was banished to the garage at night. This didn’t work either, and eventually she was just an outdoor cat at night. She was well-loved, got lot’s of attention and cuddles, wet food everyday as a treat, but at night she was put out.

This morning when my mom woke up, she went into the patio where Monkey was laying in the sun. My mom called to her and got no response. Monkey was dead. There were no marks, no signs of outward damage, just dead. Curled up in the patio, in the sun.


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