Don’t Let There Be Blood

It started as I was some other woman who was married with a baby. She was actually schizophrenic or something, as she was hearing voices that were telling her that her family was dead. So she started running out of the bedroom she was in, down the hallway, into the dining room, to the bathroom that was next to the back sliding door. As she was running I could hear a loud, echoing clock ticking at a slowed pace. She/me expected to find the husband and baby in the dining room in front of the bathroom door next to the buffet. But they were not there, only a closed bathroom door.

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Starting Over

I’m always starting over with this blogging thing. Long story short, things have been deleted, some things have been privatized. I managed to rematerialize a lost photo digitally. So all the pics are good, a lot of links are broken. Sorry! If something needs credit or you want it removed click the contact me link at the top and will rectify the situation.

Four Thieves Vinegar


Vinegar of the Four Thieves, combined with herbs I add to thee.
  Banish now all ills and bane, and protection you shall maintain.


New Moon to Full Moon, Moon in Leo, Day of Mars, Hour of the Sun


  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Peppercorns
  • Red Chili Flakes
  • Mustard Seed
  • Bay Leaf
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Cory’s Four Thieves Vinegar

Marilyn Manson

The thing about Marilyn Manson is that he is a mirror. He says it himself during interviews all the time but in his own words. He is a mirror of all of our “flaws,” our shame, the things we keep hidden and shines the light on them. The people who fear him and talk against him are the people who have the most to hide. They are afraid that through him they will be found out, and they are mad because he has the courage to just be and they cannot.

Demon Dreams Part 2

This is only a fragment of a dream, but I note it because it is almost a carry-over of a dream I had on 10/18/2012.

All I can really remember is being in my bedroom and trying to get changed to go out with Anita. I grabbed two of my favorite shirts and they were ripped and torn all over the place. I somehow knew this was caused by a demon and it made me think of the previous dream.  I was upset and frightened about the demon being there. There had been encounters but I don’t remember anything about them.

At this point my brother and niece came over and came into my room. My brother asked me what was wrong and wouldn’t believe me when I told him a demon was harassing me. I was holding this empty soda can and crushed it with my hands. Suddenly, I felt the can tremble and it un-crushed then it flew across the room and behind the head of my bed. I look at my brother and asked, “Do you believe me now?!” And he did. Then I woke up.

Phone Thief

Anita and I were standing in the parking lot of Foster’s Freeze on Marsh street when this younger girl approaches us and asks if she could use one of our phones. Anita agrees and hands her the phone. The girl backs away slowly and then turns and runs across the street into the parking lot of another building. Anita was disappointed, but I handed her my purse and whatever else I was carrying and said watch this. I started to try to run but my feet felt like they were stuck in thick mud. Each step was so difficult. In my head I was thinking about how I shouldn’t run because I would hurt my calves again, but at the same time I knew that wasn’t applicable.

I finally after a few steps started running. I ran across the street and into the parking lot she had run into but I had not sighted her. The girl, stupidly, started calling out taunts to me. I ran off towards the left weaving around tall concrete buildings and ended up at Cal Poly. I couldn’t see her anywhere but then I hear her voice over Poly’s radio. I could see the stations office across the quad and walked right inside. She was standing there confused. She didn’t seem to know what to do. I grabbed her and started searching her and asking her where the phone was. The people around her seemed confused but at the same time they didn’t seem surprised.

I ended up finding three phones, including Anita’s phone, and walked off without pressing charges. I was out in the quad when I saw people I went to high school with. Sara Cano walked up to me and told me I should have left the girl alone and how I wasn’t being proper or something. I just kind of laughed at her and kept walking. Sara followed me and she must of called me a slut or something because I said, “Well at least I know what a guy wants. A guy wants blow jobs every day.” And she got a bit embarrassed but that just egged me on. The track team was running by just then and I called out to them, “Do you want blow jobs everyday?” The guys started laughing and calling back to me “Yes.” I then replied while laughing, “That wasn’t an offer.” Then I walked back across Marsh street and gave Anita her phone back.

The TV was different

I had this dream fragment. The kind of dream where you wake up in your bed, in your own bedroom only to wake up again because the first time you woke up it was really just a dream.

Yeah. It was like that. I woke up in my bedroom at my mom’s house. I sat up on my side and looked at the entertainment center and shelving unit and could not for the life of me figure out what was different. I knew something was off but couldn’t place what it was.

Then I woke up for real. I sat up on my side and looked at the entertainment center and shelving unit and realized that in the dream I had the small gray bedroom TV on the shelves and some kind of altar on the entertainment center. (I think there was a Buddha statue.)

And all I could think was, “That was weird.”